“Apps You APPsolutely Have to Download; The Swych App”

Unless you’ve got like, a bunch of gigabytes on your phone,
you’re probably pretty cautious about the way you use your
storage. I mean, you can’t have unnecessary applications taking
up your precious storage that you could be utilizing for more
selfies that you’ll never post, right? I totally get it! That’s why you
can trust me when I say, this app I’m getting ready to tell you
about is APPSOLUTELY worth the download! That app is

The SWYCH app allows you to upload your gift card information
for immediate use! SWYCH provides a simple approach to using
their app by adding a “camera” feature that allows you to easily
snap a picture of your gift card for a quick upload. You can also
store available balances in your Apple Wallet for even more
convenient access.

How awesome would it be to have all of your gift monies in one
place for you to get to from your smart phone?! SWYCH comes
just in the nick of time to catapult your “going green” efforts. One
of the best things about SWYCH is you get to cut the plastic! Find
out what just what I mean by visiting http://goswych.com/cuttheplastic/

The reason the app is called “SWYCH” is because you can
actually SWYCH gift cards sent through the app for any of the
other cool brands in the app. Did Grandma try and pull a fast one
by sending you a gift card to HER favorite restaurant that YOU
hate? Simply SWYCH it to one of your favorite hot spots!

There are tons of other dope features that SWYCH has to offer as
well. For instance, my international peeps can send monies to
their friends and family all of the way in India! My millennial
homies can even send gift cards to loved ones using Crypto
Currency! You can buy or SWYCH gift cards from your favorite
brands like AMC Theatres, Best Buy, Krispy Kreme, Chipotle,
Sephora, and many, many more.
The possibilities are really endless! There’s even a “secret menu”
that has a few gift cards SWYCH-able only like Amazon, Target,
Walmart, and ITunes. They are not sold in the app but when you
get a gift card, you can SWYCH out it to one of these brands!
Visit http://goswych.com/swychs-not-so-secret-menu/ to check out
the “secret menu”.

With this app being so easy to use, so efficient, so economical,
environmentally friendly, and did I mention, FREE, how can you
not SWYCH?! Cut the plastic and SYWCH from using gift cards to
using the SWYCH app which is available for download in the App
Store, Google Play, and online as well. Happy SWYCH-ing Homies!