“Short Term Goals, Long Term Success; Achieving the Art of Achievement”

A major part of life is overcoming obstacles. We all venture down separate paths but we all share one looming, but common obligation; to accomplish the goals we set, or that are set, before us. A crucial part to accomplishment is often times overlooked. It’s like that saying that goes a little something like, “you can’t see the forest for the trees.” I’ve found that by minimizing the size of your goal by compartmentalizing it into several, more obtainable, so-called “short term” goals creates a way for you to reach the finish line sooner and makes the success of your achievement lengthier due to your newfound approach! Continue reading on to discover the methods you can use to get through and on to the next!

Outline Your Outcome

Define what a “short term” goal is. Your intentions need to be clear and your plan needs to be concise. Take the time to really measure your goal to determine if it can realistically be accomplished in a reasonable amount of time. Otherwise, you’re already starting off on the wrong foot and have prolonged your chances off winning the race.

Rise and Grind

Take heed to the time of day when your energy is highest and utilize that to your advantage. Plan a call to action for whatever time of day that is and put that energy to good use working towards your goals. For instance, if you find yourself in front of the mirror twerking non stop to your favorite artist’s album everyday as soon as the bra is flung and the heels are kicked off after work, then you might want to replace that with checking a few tasks off your to do list, meditating on what it’s take to get it done, or anything else that could help you get to where you want to go.

One Goal at a Time

OMG! This is one tip that I need to take to the head because I am so BAD at multi-tasking. My idea of progress is diverting from one task to the next without having accomplished either one of them! Pick which goal is most important or most attainable and work on achieving THAT ONE before moving on to something else. If you don’t, you’re more than likely going to be “headed nowhere fast”.

If It’s Not For You, It’s Against You

If you really want to achieve a goal, you need to eliminate all distractions! If it not helping you get to your goal, consider it to be a hinderance that is holding you back from said goal. Look at it like this; if your mission is to become a body builder, shying away from the weights every time you go to the gym wouldn’t be seen as conducive to the process, would it? You’ve got to consume your time by performing actions directly aligned with whatever it is that you want to get done.

Keep It On the Hush Hush

Believe it or not, this commonly practiced by the Queen herself, Beyoncé. When you profess your declarations, it convinces the brain that you’ve already done it. You’ll then be less likely to work hard or find it hard to still work towards it! Truth be told, you’d be better off staying low key and aiming to impress yourself first.

Don’t mind me, I’m just over here daydreaming about how much better the world would be if it were filled with kick ass individuals who were confident in self because they know what it takes to make themselves happy. That kick ass individual is YOU! That kick ass individual is ME! Those kick ass individuals are WE!