“How Deep Is Your Love? Appropriate Gifts for Where You Are in Your Relationship”

Valentine’s Day, and I did say “Valentines” day with an “N”, is coming and I want all of my Homies to embrace the love that is in the air. I do not want to see any discouraging posts degrading love or any discouraging posts that highlight how you, “don’t have to celebrate one day when love is shown every day.” If you are open to finding love, you should be stoking the fire, and if you are blessed enough to have found love then you should be fanning the flames! Now that your hearts are ablaze, don’t allow your fire to fizzle by freaking out over what to get your significant other. Drop down and check out a list of ideas I whipped up based on whichever milestone you are at in your relationship.

Single Self Care

Valentine’s Day is based solely around love. Loving him, loving her, but most importantly, loving you. Toss out the tissues, put the lid back on your buckets of ice cream, and manifest self-love in any form or fashion you wish. Whether you enjoy a calm, peaceful day at the spa, treat yourself to a nice solo dinner, or even attend one the singles mixer in town, you deserve to be loved! Who knows how to love you better than you? Set the bar high for anyone hoping to give it a try.

Will You Be Mine?

Crushin’ on someone and wanna make it known this year? There’s a subtle way to do it and trust me that is the best approach. If you two aren’t official or if you fall under the category of secret admirer then go “old fashioned”. Flowers, a card, and candy will show that you’re interested in addition, highlights how thoughtful you are. Accomplish your goal without applying too much pressure.

Slowly but Surely

Made your move and now you both are making moves, eh? Here’s to everyone who is exclusively dating which probably means you have admitted your attraction to one another, you like what you have seen in one another thus far, but may still be getting to know each other. The best thing you could spend at this point in your relationship is time! Make reservations at a fine dining establishment and plan for a nice, intimate dinner for two where you can indulge in the ambiance of your love.

Common Law Commitment

You and your significant other are on the same team, have won/loss together, but have managed to maintain solidarity and loyalty to the home team! That alone is a reason to celebrate. Provide your boo with a token(s) of love reminiscent of everything you have learned about and/or shared with one another. Purchasing her favorite perfume, preparing his favorite meal, assuming her responsibilities around the house for the day, and/or adding special details to an item(s) he already adores are all small gestures that remind your other half you remember why you love them, you appreciate their love, and acknowledge the love they extend to outside entities.

Married W/ or W/O Children

At this point, someone has commented, “#goals”, underneath your selfies. Many people fail to realize that at this level in a relationship, love can get “misplaced”. You both have settled into your lifestyles and you may, or may not, have miniature you’s running around, demanding jobs, and demanding expenses. Hasn’t the age old teddy bear with chocolates and haphazard sex gotten stale? It is imperative that you keep your love alive because you’ve got an eternity to go! When you’ve come as far as you two have and have covered as much ground as you have, it’s good to reflect back on where you started. Plan a date at your initial “date spot” or create a scavenger hunt marking all of your marriage milestones! It would be interesting to see where your love has lead you.

With You but Without a Sitter

No baby sitter? No problem!  *cues “We Are Family”* Display your love and affection for everyone to see! Just don’t forget to distribute that love evenly amongst the other members of your household.

Homies, you and I both know love makes the world go round. No matter whom you love on, dispel love whenever you can. Follow my social media pages for more information on V-Day happenings around the metroplex. Remember, Love Wins! Happy Valentines Homies!