Hangin’ With The Home Girl

Top YouTube Content Creator

Hangin’ with the Home Girl” is a “interactive interview” vlog show focused around the top socialite influencer, and top YouTube content creator Ele Michele and her “Homies”, creatives, small business owners, public figures, and others that Ele “hangs with”. Ele Michele’s main mission is to inform, influence, and inspire. She does so by sharing her platform allowing the masses the chance to gain a better viewpoint into the “Homies”, their craft, and their ultimate goal. “Hangin’ with the Home Girl” is one of the best YouTube shows based on the unique content quality alone!


During “Hangin’ with the Home Girl”, the “Homie” that is featured must display their product, craft, or service. Which in turn, solidifies their notoriety, draws in viewers, and markets their abilities! Not to mention, the “Homie” selects the location of recording. It is this factor that evokes emotion out of the guest and provides a variety of elements for the show furthermore making this the best YouTube show and channel.

Ele Michele Top YouTube Content Creator

There are times when the “Homie” will make a “repeat appearance” to update viewers on their progress, bring another “Homie” to hang out, or to co-host. This is an added element of surprise that The World’s Home Girl incorporates. This helps build suspense for the most viewed and most subscribed to YouTube channel. The “Homies” can also consist of show sponsors and vendors. There will be advertisement in place at the end of every video for the viewer’s convenience. 

Be sure to catch this top YouTube show with new guests, locations, and topics of discussion. Feel free to CONTACT Ele Michele, The World’s Home Girl, should you be interested in “hangin’ out” or if you’d like to refer one of your “Homies” that you think would. Taping is done in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas but The World’s Home Girl does travel, as well as hang” virtually! Contact Ele today!