“Funding Your Future; Fostering & Figuring Out Finances”

It’s 2020 and we’re all striving to live our best life! How can one do this without making ends meet?! Exactly! You can’t. You can only live vicariously through others who’ve financed their right to do so. In this article, I am going to share a few tips, in no specific order, that will reupholster your pockets. Drop down and get your savings on Homies!

1. “It’s My Money and I Need It Now!”

Would you believe there is actually a site dedicated to helping you locate money that the government owes YOU! No, its not the IRS’ site. Don’t visit that site unless you plan on dishing out some diñero. The site I am referring to is called, Unclaimed.org. You simply visit this site, enter your name and state of residence, and VIOLA! You could possibly have funds festering from folks you weren’t even fond of. I, personally, did not have any unclaimed money but there were tons of folks in my area who did. Ever quit a job before receiving your last check? Ever overpay a bill? These unclaimed monies could be used to finance your future.

2. “Drop It Like It’s Hot! ‘Cause It Is!”

You need to drop the amount of your monthly expenses because they’re burning a hole in your wallet! Re-calibrate your bills by inquiring about your charges to make sure you aren’t paying over, eliminate unnecessary debt by cancelling any unused memberships or swapping them with less expensive options, and inquire about any discounts you could be receiving from your current service providers. You’d be surprised at the amount of money you could save by just doing this! Don’t fret if your bills won’t budge because there’s tons more stuff you could do to lead your best self into living your best life!

3. “B***h Better Have My Money!”

Check your bank account, OFTEN! Now, this step, I am very familiar with! I check my banking accounts daily and sometimes twice daily. You can never be too certain about the funds available to you. There could’ve been an error in a transaction, an unauthorized purchase, and sometimes credits are mistakenly applied to your account. Most people overlook their pending transactions like tips for the bartender, any payments made with your account/routing number, and other misc. transactions that may not immediately post to your account. Spending without knowledge of how much you have to spend can result in overdraft fees, account closures, negative remarks on your credit report, and in worst cases, loss of financial stability. Download the app for whichever financial institution you use so you can have easy access to view your spending. It’s important to “be in the know” Homies!

4. “Give Yourself Some Credit!”

Part of living your best life is having good credit! Credit works in place of money. I don’t always have a wad of cash hanging around, but when I do, I still opt to put it on my credit! Credit Karma is a FREE application/website that retrieves your credit report from Experian & Transunion. It is accurate AND you can even dispute inaccurate accounts that have been reported to your credit bureaus. Credit Karma will remove them if no supporting evidence is found resulting in a boost to your credit score. Although, sometimes you find institutions utilize their own credit retrieval software programs, the accounts that are open and unpaid will still have an impact on their findings! Again, “be in the know”!

5. “Address the Elephant in the Room!”

If you happen to check your credit and discover there are indisputable unpaid debts, it is wise to pay off the highest debt first! Nine times out of ten, it has the biggest impact on your score and would do you great justice to reconcile. Now, with that being said, it is always worth inquiring if the debt can be settled for less and/or if you can make a payment arrangement. We all make mistakes and it’s a good thing credit can be rebuilt so definitely take advantage!

These are just a few tricks to forging finer finances for yourself. Take a stab at it and see if you can kill off some debt and start saving for the future. Remember, in order to live your best life, you have to put your best foot forward!

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“Rise, Grind, and Shine; Making the Most of Your Mornings”

2020 is here and you promised yourself that you were going to make more of each day in order to accomplish more of your goals, didn’t ya?! Well, you ought to know that the morning time is very monumental to your day. How you start out can, and usually does, set the pace and tone for your remaining twenty four hours! Kinda nerve-wrecking right? Never fear because your Home Girl is here to share my guide to a healthier, more productive morning, which results in a steadier, more progressive day, which produces a happier, more successful month.. Well, you get the gist!

5:30 A.M.- 6:00 A.M.

Starting just a little before sunrise, I awake around 5:30 am to freshen up (wash face/brush teeth/etc.), meditate, and pray. Meditation helps to clear my mind and helps me set my intentions for the day. During prayer, I get to give thanks for having arisen to a new day. I immediately feel a spirit of Clarity and Protection encompass me and I am now even more ready to embark on my journey. This process takes me about 30 minutes but feel free to divvy up your schedule as your spirit guides you.

6:00 A.M.- 7:15 A.M.

Next, I’m off to prep my breakfast. I’m not going to cook it until a little later but it helps to be a few steps ahead and I get to confirm my “breakfast status” which prevents me from entering into someone’s drive thru! In this same instance, I’m going to pack my gym bag and scurry off to perform an action that I have a love/hate relationship with; Exercise! I hate leaving the comfort of my home so early in the day to sweat around strangers whom may or may not have even brushed their teeth before arriving BUT I love that period of solidarity and empowerment that is me burning calories on a treadmill in the wee hours uninterrupted with my noise cancelling headphones jamming my favorite tunes. I love having already gotten one of the hardest parts about life out of the way and ultimately, feeling that boost that it gives me to power through the day!

7:15 A.M.-8:15 A.M.

After about an hour of cardio, I’m back home to shower, feed, and walk Taz (my Chihuahua). Thirty minutes later, I am ready to toss my already whisked eggs and my pre-chopped sausage onto the fire. I can toast my bread and take out something to thaw for dinner whilst doing this. At this point, I’ve secured the meal for the start and end of my stretch. Not to mention, while chomping down on my breakfast for champions, I can brainstorm and set goals for the day. Whoo! Winning!

You really wouldn’t believe the increase in productivity you will experience from this schedule. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “the early bird gets the worm”, and this is precisely what it’s referring to. From the time I opened my eyes, to the time I clocked in for work, I’ve already reached so many milestones. I’ve also put myself in the physical and mental shape to reach many more throughout the day! People who awaken earlier than others or more apt to procure success. Making the most of your morning allows you to utilize your twenty four hours more efficiently and ultimately, allows you to utilize YOU more effectively!

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“Ready or Not, Here I Come; Mastering the Art of the Start”

“Just do it already! What are you waiting for?” This is the way I have awakened ever since I thought of my dreams, goals, and ambitions. Day in and day out, I conjure up this redundant phrase in my head. Despite me asking myself this dead onset question, I still didn’t have an answer. Even worse, I still hadn’t done “IT”.

Procrastination comes in many forms. For instance, it can come in the form of fear, consuming you with thoughts doubt. It can come in the form of complacency, persuading you with a mirage of comfortability. Procrastination’s most common form is laziness. Being lazy prevents you from accomplishing anything and only enables you to keep putting things off.

One day, I arose and without a shadow of a doubt, I knew I didn’t want to continue holding myself back. I no longer wanted to be the reason I hadn’t fulfilled my purpose. Now, I wouldn’t be your Home Girl if I didn’t share with you how I was an am going to tackle this toxic trait. Below is a set of steps that I found conducive to this particular process.

Step 1: Wake up earlier! The early bird REALLY does get the worm; or the goal, or the task, or whatever it is you desire.

Step 2: Create a to-do list BUT set a DEADLINE. I cannot tell you how useless a to-do list is if you NEVER do any of it. Make it clear when those tasks have to be completed by.

Step 3: Post your tasks/goals where you can see them! Ever heard the saying, “out of sight, out of mind”? It holds tons of value which is why you need to PUT IT IN YOUR OWN FACE where you can see it and in time, cross it out!

Step 4: Tackle your most intimidating task first! You will hate doing it but will love getting it done, trust me.

Step 5: Find an accountability partner. Sometimes a little micromanaging can be a good thing!

With the assistance of these tips, I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in my productivity. I mean, I’m waking up before the roosters now so I’ve got complete solitude in the mornings to think, plan, meditate, and even complete a task or two. Finishing the projects that require a little bit more effort first relieves a significant amount of tension and frees up time to do more. Having someone in your corner to push you along the way really helps. Whether it’s a parent, friend, sibling, as long as they are aware of your goals and your efforts, they can motivate you to reach higher!

Being for real Homies, this can be “your season”. This can be your chance to “get out your dreams”. You have to start though! You have to try every day with every ounce to get where you want to go. You have to “Master the Art of the Start”.