About Me

Art. Fashion. Music. Communication.

I live, love, and am loyal to ART. Whether it’s fashion, music, or paintings; I have been emerged in art since I was a very young child. I played the violin and bass violin and wrote short stories in elementary, wrote my own songs in middle school, was designing my own clothing (as well as that of others) in high school, and don’t let me fail to mention my short rap career in college!

It’s safe to say, I know a thing or two about a thing or two!

FASHION is the most subtle form of artistic expression. All you have to do is indulge in your wardrobe. I love creating new looks and impressing others with my impeccable style (especially on a budget!).

MUSIC makes the world go round. I don’t know where I’d be without it. I don’t mind sharing my favorite artists with you!

COMMUNICATION rules the nation, but you already knew that. What’s the 411? You’ll always find it here. I love sharing info from my studies. From health and wellness, to financial advice, to home remedies and recipes; you can find it all here.


Information fuels the world we live in and I’m constantly churning it out! Read up on my product reviews, healthy recipes, current events, life hacks, and more.


It’s so hard to filter out genuineness in today’s society. The music, food, fashion, and even things to do have become over-saturated.

You can rely on my unbiased opinions and research to dish out consumable content from the hottest musicians, to the trendiest trends for the low, events worth attending, and the list continues!


The best things in life are free. However, you have to be in the best shape, mentally, physically, and spiritually, to enjoy them entirely.

Come and get your lifestyle check here by reading daily inspiring messages and taking tips on health and wellness.