“Getting Through Thrifting; Finding YOUR Style in THEIR Stuff”

Photo: Entire ensemble (minus the headscarf) put together with thrift store finds!

“There are so many perceptions surrounding the act of thrifting. There are too many to count and too many deterring you from finding your signature style. Ever heard the saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? I can guarantee a bargain shopper coined that phrase. Thrift stores are full of hidden gems that are just in need of a good polish (speaking figuratively and literally) and with a little time, gumption, and know how, you can make out with a trunk full of exciting pieces to add to your wardrobe! But first, there are a few tips that I’d like you to take with you on your trip. Being mindful of these easy tips can make your thrift haul that much more successful!
For starters, you MUST go with an open mind! When I say this, know that it may be crowded, there may be odd odors, and you may even flip through a bunch of “bull” before you find something you like. It’s not Forever 21 guys and gals! (Even though you may find something from Forever 21!) On a serious note, you should check your energy before entering anywhere. Remember, energy can determine the results yielded by the universe, so be optimistic! If you’re worried about remaining “trendy”; go online and search for images of current styles, make a list or take pictures with you, and pull items that match the latest trends as closely as possible (which is totally doable)!
While shopping, don’t overthink. If you have a piece in your hand and you can’t almost immediately see a future for it, PUT IT BACK! If you don’t have a “That’s So Raven” moment where an item sends you straight to your closet and pairs well with what you’ve already got, then you don’t need it. Just because it’s only a $1 doesn’t mean buy it. It will sit in your closet, become “wear-around-the-house” clothes, or be donated. That’s what you call “shopping backwards”.
Before your newfound goodies make it to the cashier’s counter, be sure to do a quick scan for any holes, hard stains, or aging. If the thrift store you’re at has fitting rooms, TRY IT ON! Most of the time, these items are from a different era, one where tacos weren’t so prevalent, and may not fit “true-to-size”. And again, we do not want to “shop backwards”.
Lastly, something that should go without saying, WASH YOUR ITEMS! They’ve been on someone else’s body guys, really? Now, 15% of the time, items are new and have never been worn. That’s pretty seldom though. Make sure to read the tags because as I mentioned earlier, these clothes are from a different era, one where cotton wasn’t so prevalent, and bad laundering could ruin your grand new finds! In addition, this is a good reason not to shy away from that irresistible piece with an old coffee stain on it. You’re going to wash it all anyway

. Also, if you know how to sew, it may be worth buying the retro blouse with a missing button. You be the judge!
Saying all of that to say, you’d really be surprised the amazing pieces I find while thrifting! I always set a budget for myself (usually around $20) so I don’t overspend. If I’m not able to try on, I’ll usually buy a size up just to be on the safe side. Those are just a few extra tips to tuck away. Overall when shopping, remember to be unique, stand apart from the rest of the who’s who, and do so by purchasing quality, gently-used items on a budget! Check out the look I created below with thrift store finds! Happy Thrifting! 🙂